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The Big Uh-oh

broken sewer linesMaybe it’s the sewer line giving off that smell?

Your nose “knows”. You can be sitting at home and you will suddenly wrinkle your nose, trying to figure out what that smell is. (And we don’t mean good smell).

The sewer line for your home is buried under your yard, usually about 4’ deep or more. (It needs to be about a foot under the frost line). So if you are smelling sewage in your yard, it has probably been broken for a while.

Here are a couple of indicators of a sewer pipe leak:

Your drains continually clogged or easily clogged. Everyone gets clogged drains from hair or other debris; but if several drains get clogged all at once, there may be a larger issue afoot. Your sewer line could be clogged deeply down the line because of a break where dirt and debris have settled.

Your yard is soggy, but you have not watered much. If there is a leak, or the pipe is broken, the liquid will seep upwards to the yard, creating a soft spot.

Yucky smells

If you do have a drain clog somewhere, it could cause a smell in your bathroom or kitchen. If the strong smell is all over the house or outside, it may be time to call a plumber. Tree roots are the most likely culprit; but the problem needs to be addressed ASAP! You don’t want that debris from a broken sewer line backing up into your kitchen or bathroom.

Another possibility is a sewer vent blockage. The vent is usually on your roof in line with your toilets. If it does not have a cover leaves could clog it. There have been instances where birds will build a nest, or rodents make a home. So you should inspect the vent, or have a plumber inspect it.

In any event: don’t wait for something catastrophic to happen; get to the bottom of that smell soon!