Tool School

A small plumbing issue may pop up from time to time. Some just want to turn every repair over to a plumber; but some may want to tackle the problem themselves. Even if you are not a DIY-er; here are a few basic tools you should have on hand…just in case.

Most tool boxes (or in some cases junk drawers) have some pretty basic tools: hammer, flat head screw driver, Philips screw driver, wrench, pliers, and maybe an Allen wrench junk drawer(especially if you shop at Ikea). Maybe you also have an old butter knife you have dedicated to the tool box for scraping or screwing things.

Here are a few new tools we suggest to add to the basics that you may need for a small plumbing repair:

  • Locking pliers. Many times you need something to hold a pipe or line in place while you work on another area.
  • Strap Wrench. If you want to change out a shower head, a strap wrench is the toolstrap wrrench you want, to prevent any scratches or damage to your fixture. Also, it’s like a tight rubberized grip to remove a fitting.
  • Needle nose pliers. Great for tight spaces.
  • Basin wrench. A must if you are working under a sink. It’s long and narrow and provides the grip you need.
  • Plumber’s putty. This pliable material will provide a water resistant seal around joints that are not under pressure. Be sure to read the instructions on the container.
  • Plumbers tape. Prevents leaks when you are replacing faucet supply lines, shower heads, etc.
  • Caulk & caulking gun – has many uses!
    box cutter
  • Of course we can’t omit a box cutter; it can help cut through old caulking, and break down your cardboard boxes. Use with care.

    These are some pretty common tools that you will be glad you have on hand.

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