Little Known Oregon

weird oregon 1(Sometimes we like to spread our wings from plumbing!)

Most of us are aware that Oregon has the only flag that has two separate designs on its’ sides: a beaver on one side and the state emblem on the other.

We are also aware that along with New Jersey, we are the only state that does not have self-serve gas stations (for now) and Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S.

But there are many more interesting facts about Oregon that you may not know:

  1. Oregon has more ghost towns that any other state.
  2. Eugene was the first city to have one way streets.
  3. Pilot Butte, a cinder cone volcano is completely within the City of Bend limits.
  4. Hells Canyon, at 8,000 feet deep is the deepest river gorge in North America. (Yes, we know Hell’s Canyon is shared with Idaho & Washington)
  5. Oregon’s birthday is also Valentine’s Day, February 14th (we love it!)
  6. The state parks contain 159 yurts in 19 parks. Yurts are a circular domed tent that are quite popular for camping.
  7. The nation’s most photographed lighthouse is the Heceta Head Lighthouse located in Lane County.
  8. In 1880 a sea cave was discovered near what is now known as Florence. Sea Lion Caves is known to be the largest sea cave in the world.
  9. The Tillamook Naval Air Museum is housed in the world’s largest wooden clear-span building.
  10. A treaty between the United States and Spain established the current southern border between Oregon and California. The treaty was signed in 1819.
  11. Rainier, Oregon is home to the largest captive sloth population in the world.
  12. In Cave Junction, you can spend your vacation in a tree house. You can also learn to build a tree house while there!
  13. Oregon can boast the world’s smallest park (Mills End Park, 2 feet wide) that is home also the largest leprechaun colony west of Ireland. (That last part is probably tongue in cheek!)
  14. In Jacksonville, OR you can find a “Sasquatch Trap” (a 10’ x 10’ wooden box) that was built in 1974 on the Collins Mountain Trail. Sasquatch or Big Foot sightings have been recorded as far back as the 19th century.
  15. Portland was the home to the 24-hour Church of Elvis. Now permanently closed, it used to house a cornucopia of unusual things; most people would normally throw them out but the proprietors of the Church of Elvis could not bear to do so. It was considered an art form that can now only be found online. Only in Portland.

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