Getting Ready for Summer!


ready for summer1Yes, we usually talk about preparing for winter, but warmer weather also brings some concerns. You might have visitors staying with you while on their summer vacation. This means more demand from your water heater due to extra people showering, more washing machine usage and dishes.

If you have not have a water heater inspection for a while, this might be a good time to schedule one. You may be thinking about buying a larger water heater or even a tankless water heater. A knowledgeable plumber can assess your situation and advise you on how large of a tank you will need.

With additional guests staying in your home there will be more toilet usage. Make sure there are no leaks from the toilet.  (Tip: empty bathroom trash cans often to discourage debris from being put in the toilet)

It’s also time to drag out the garden hoses and attach them to the hose bibs (spigots or faucets) for garden and lawn watering. You do not want an unpleasant surprise of leaky hose bib pipes. If your home was sufficiently insulated during the winter, or pipes protected in some fashion, then you probably have nothing to fear. But older homes, especially, could have a problem. It may be a smart to have a plumber check things out.

Check your water and sewer lines for any cracks or bulges. Have your septic system inspected; are you ready to have it pumped? These issues could manifest the problem at the worst time: when you have a houseful of visitors.

Check your sprinklers. Are they aimed properly so there is no over-spray? Look for lawn bulging when sprinklers are on; there could be a leak somewhere in the system. Check and clean sprinkler heads at least once a year. Also, make sure your timer is set to regulation times and duration.

Another plumbing job that people think of doing when the weather warms up is: installing a gas line for an outdoor barbecue or fire pit. You should plan this with a licensed plumber.

You can contact us, Oregon Cascade Plumbing and Heating for all your plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs: 503.588.0355

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