The Importance of Clogging

(No, not the dance!)filter clog & clean

Ok, now that we have your attention, we’re talking about heating and air conditioning clogs and the importance of preventing them.

Having your HVAC (heating and air conditioning) filter clogged can cause your heating/cooling bills to soar or even cause pollutants in your home or business.

Checking your filter monthly and replacing them before they get full will go a long way towards keeping everything healthy and in tip-top condition.

A filter collects the dust and debris; it cannot dispose of it. So a clog is formed when the filter is full. A clogged filter causes the appliance to “short cycle” as hot air is trapped by the filter. The furnace shuts down when it believes the required temperature is reached. A clogged filter fools it, when actually the warm air is not being disbursed to the house.

Long periods of this short cycling causes extra wear and tear on the furnace and that means you will have more service calls and possibly a replacement sooner than expected. Plus, your electrical or gas bills rise because the appliance demands more power more often.

A filter can also release back into the air some of the debris it’s collected if it’s too full. Think about that; if you find yourself sneezing or with itchy eyes or headaches, debris in the air may be the issue. This is especially true if you are having some renovations in your home or neighborhood. Construction debris is a common problem and can clog your filter much quicker.


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