Controlling Your Environment

digital thermo 1All new homes usually contain a digital thermostat of some capacity. The old fashioned analog thermostats are being phased out; to be replaced by digital technology. There are a lot of benefits to upgrading your old thermostat; here are a few:

Analog thermostats contain mercury, a dangerously toxic material. Some states actually ban the use of mercury, and it is banned in many countries as well. It does not take much exposure to mercury to have negative effects. Surprisingly, analog thermometers contain a relatively large amount of mercury. Digital thermometers have no need for mercury and are therefore safer.

Digital thermostats have fewer parts to break. While the analog thermostat has the above mentioned vial of mercury, plus a number of working parts; they could easily be digital thermo 2broken, especially if the thermostat is old. Digital thermostats are controlled by thermistors and semiconductors; no moving parts to wear down.

The accuracy and precision of a digital thermostat means it could save you money in the long run. Analog thermostats only turn the heat on and off when their trigger point is reached. A digital thermostat can store data and give you a precise temperature reading at any point; not a temperature that’s “in the neighborhood” of a certain mark. There are units on the market today that are WiFi enabled and accessible for mobile devices, allowing you to monitor and control your homes’ temperature while away.

Finally, the new thermostats can be programmed to turn on and off only when you need or want them to; down to the minute.

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