3 Big Differences Between Commercial & Residential Plumbing

Plumbing is plumbing, which may make you wonder if there’s a difference between commercial plumbing and residential plumbing. After all, they both use the same kinds of material and a toilet or a sink is the same wherever it’s located.  Right?  In the Willamette Valley, there are many companies that provide both commercial and residential plumbing services. When dealing with a commercial plumbing project, the company you choose should be aware of the differences. Here are three of the biggest:

  • Size – The most obvious difference between commercial and residential plumbing is size.  Commercial work requires a lot more piping, outlets and fixtures than a home.  A business plumbing system must also be able to handle a much higher demand than a residential system.
  • Multiple floors -While a home may have multiple stories, in most instances, it’s no more than 2, maybe 3 if there’s a finished basement or attic.  A commercial structure is usually much, much larger.  Each level of a business requires toilets, sinks and in some cases commercial kitchens, laundry facilities, multiple water heaters or boilers.  Increased demand for water and gravity are important factors in making sure piping and water pressure are correct for each individual building.  A good, experienced plumber understands the differences and can help you make the most of your plumbing system, no matter the size.
  • Variety of problems – While a residence can have a variety of issues, they are, for the most part, fairly standard.  Businesses on the other hand, with large commercial plumbing systems, face a much wider variety of issues.  Commercial plumbers must be knowledgeable, and capable of understanding and quickly repairing, a much broader array of problems.  Code compliance is critical in a commercial setting, and an experienced plumber must be aware of all commercial plumbing code requirements to help protect his commercial customer.

When you experience a plumbing problem at work, you need a plumber with the experience to handle any size problem, in any type of commercial building.  Here in the Willamette Valley Business Owners have turned to the experienced plumbers at Oregon Cascade Plumbing & Heating since 1969.  We have the knowledge and experience to handle your commercial plumbing problem, no matter the size.  Call us today to experience the Oregon Cascade dedication to service!


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